Week 6: Bad start, good recovery but a long way to go

I planned on having a full training session for this run, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

After signing up for this vacation race at Zion National Park, I mapped out a full 12-week schedule to prepare – especially after all the injuries I had earlier in the year. I wanted to do this right and injury free just to prove to myself that I can do it.

Well… I can’t do it.

With one week to go for full training, I injured myself by missing a box jump in Crossfit class. It was not only painful to jog, it was painful to walk – and painful to sleep. I was bummed.

This was the first race in a year, and I got injured before the first week of training. Back to PT I go.

Even at 40, there’s a lot I don’t know about my body, which I’m lucky that someone does. I mentioned to my physical therapist what happened, and mentioned my knees were in terrible pain when I would walk, squat or attempt to turn my body fast. She kept telling me it was all in my back, and would give me lower back exercises to do during sessions and at home.

Two weeks later, my knees were fine. One week after that, I began training.

Cramming 12 weeks of training into nine is tough, but I’ve tweaked the training schedule to make it fit. Training has been successful so far, and the best part it’s been injury free. I’m about halfway in and I’m running faster for miles than I ever have before.

Let’s just hope the rest of the training session is as good.