New Year… New Goals

For the most part, 2020 was a shitstorm for just about everyone. Being the introvert I am, for the most part, this wasn’t all that bad. The fewer people I have to see in person, the better.

Well, getting to my “first world problem” – I’ve been injured for most of the year. It started with my right shoulder (I injured it jumping rope, BTW), which then moved to the calf and then jumped over to the other side and landed in my left Achilles.

I was out on a run with a running club in April and something just didn’t seem right. Two days later, I could barely walk because of the pain.

Five months and multiple physical therapy sessions – including needles and electricity directly in the tendon – I was able to run one mile without pain. For me, it was like starting over – not from April’s run, but from the first time I ran more than a decade ago.

That being said, with age comes wisdom. Over the past 10-plus years, I’ve learned so much I wish I would have known then, but just never put into practice. Now is the time to do this.

I’m running a half marathon in Utah in February. More to come about my training and other stuff later. I hope this will be a good year.