OK, time to stop dicking around…

Time to look at the 2019 race season.

By Whitney Ellis

So, it’s been a while since I last posted, and it’s mostly because of the move and the new job. But mostly – laziness.

Not laziness in doing stuff – I’m back in my routine in CrossFit and have been waking up early to walk and do other activities – just in getting back to my true Sunday routine of finding a coffee shop, sitting down and typing.

And with that ramble, let’s get back to the race schedule.

I was looking through my Facebook feed not too long ago (rarely do that anymore) and found a post for a duathlon about 100 miles away from where I live in South Carolina. Even though it’s been much warmer here than in Missouri – much, much warmer – it seems to rain every weekend.

I’ve been getting back to the running thing, and boy, have my times gotten slow. I recently ran a mile for one of my CrossFit WODs and thought I was going to die. It was less than 10 minutes, though, so I’ll take it. I just need to do longer runs – and not die.

I haven’t been able to get the bike out because of the rain. The area I live seems to have a great biking community – there are three bike shops within a 15-minute ride from my house – I’m still not going to risk riding in the rain because I’m not going to fall and injure myself for a practice ride. Hopefully we’ll get some dry weekends here soon where I can go and meet up with some riders and find some new courses.

So, the duathlon is in mid-April, and I guess that’s what’ll kick off 2019. Let’s see how we do.