2018 Millstadt Biathlon

Oh, come on.

By Whitney Ellis

Well, the good thing is they had Stag – and long-sleeved participant shirts that’ll get me through the winter (even though they gave me the wrong size).

This is the fourth year I’ve participated in this race, and each year I find a way to make an excuse on how I could have done better. Well, I’ve got nothing this year. I averaged a sub-10-minute mile for the run. Let me repeat – for five miles, I averaged less than 10 minutes per mile. I ran a 9:39 mile during the race.

I’ve only run that fast once before, and that was a flat running course. For some reason I still think that was a fluke – the wind must have been pushing me in both directions. Guess this whole not working and working out all the time thing has been successful.

Well… even though this was a fast run – I made it to the transition area in 98thplace. Yeah, these people were damn fast.

I usually am able to make up time and reel people in on the bike course – and I did that. The legs took a few minutes to transition from running to hopping on the bike, but it always does. Once again, it was the hills that killed me. The first one was taxing, but I made it up. The second, third and fourth… well… not so much. It amazes me how some of these participants can average 23 miles-per-hour on this course – especially with those hills.

Two hours and 18 minutes later, I crossed the finish line for good. I was able to gain another 12 spots on the ride to finish in 86thplace overall, and ninth in my age group. I was 12 minutes than my fastest time ever for this course, and I’m fine with that… I guess.

I’m still stunned my sub-10 minutes doesn’t buy you a cup of coffee in this world anymore.