Summer/Fall 2018 Training

Oh yeah, I have one race left this summer – wait… it’s still summer?

By Whitney Ellis

I honestly forgot why I’ve been doing all the training this summer – well, other than I have nothing else to do. Yeah, the Millstadt Biathlon is coming up, and with all this free time I forgot it was next weekend.

The five-mile run and 22-mile bike ride has been a staple race of mine over the past few years not just because of its difficulty (the hills are serious on both the run and the ride), but the shirts are something you can wear throughout the winter… and also the Stag Beer.

Let’s just start with the beer. I’ve been to many races where they offer beer at the finish line and it’s always a great thing. You got up early and traveled to this course to run and ride with maybe 100 other people for what? If you’re like me, I just want to finish. If I medal, hell that would be great, but come on.

This race was my first encounter with Stag Beer (yes, it’s a brand). You cross the line and you have the option of either bottled water, Gatorade or Stag. Sure, it feels weird to walk your bike back to your car downing a Stag while passing a cop, but hey… haven’t been stopped yet.

The thing about Stag is that it’s cheaper than bottled water. Seriously. I can get a 12-pack of Stag for $5. Yep, you read that right. I was stunned when I went into my local liquor store and found out how cheap it was. I’m usually happy when I get a $2 pint somewhere, but a 12 pack for $5? That’s a victory. I thought it was a typo when I grabbed my first case.

As far as beers go, it’s not a memorable one. It’s better than your purely cheap Natural Ice or Big Flats, but compared to your local craft beer, it’s… no, I’ll say it – it’s good beer. It’s cheap and gets the job done. If I had this compared to some other beer, I’d go with Stag not only for the price, but for the taste. Best flavor profile for the price?

Let’s get back to the race. This was the race that introduced me to Stag, and I’ll always remember that. And the shirts are great too. They’re long-sleeved cotton shirts that function well enough to wear anywhere with either jeans or shorts for those days where it’s warm enough to get away with shorts in the later months. They’ve switched up the colors during each race, so I’m interested to see what color they’ve selected for 2018.

Oh yeah, and then there’s the course. You can read about those here, here and here.

But the beer, oh, the beer. If they don’t have Stag, this will be my last year. Oh wait, it’s about the race and beating your personal best, right?