So, about that Half-Ironman thing…

Two weeks in and I’m injured. Success?

By Whitney Ellis

I need to stop making silly proclamations when I’m obviously not in my right mind. It doesn’t help anyone, especially when I’m up late at night and start writing what I think I’m able to do a year from now.

Let’s flash back to last week’s summer speedwork event – the one where a few weeks ago after a poor result, I decided to not only to do a triathlon, but a half-Ironman at that.

About halfway through the training session, I felt an area above my ankle and below my calf start to produce a sharp pain. I tried to run a couple more laps, but the pain was throbbing and I decided to end the session early. After talking to one of the coaches and describing my symptoms, I’ve got a weakened muscle in the area that is causing something similar to foot drop.

So, this training session is getting off to a great start, huh?

I’m using compression sleeves now to get around and so far, so good. The coach recommended that and using foam rollers to combat the pain. Oh, and rest. That’s the tough part.

Without having work to go to, I’ve got nothing else to do. My day consists of waking up, applying for jobs and exercising. Sure, I might be able to dial it back a bit… and I guess that’s the plan for now.

It’s supposed to rain for the next few days, so I guess my outdoor workouts will be limited.